Jaspo Rotavator

Product Code #PRO_00651

JASPO Industries Pvt. Ltd Rotavator or Rotary Tiller is better than conventional tillage equipment because it saves time, fuel, soil compaction & wear and tear of the tractor as it accomplishes better pulverization in shortest time. It leaves the worked soil perfectly levelled. Stubbles & residues of previous crop are chopped into pieces and thoroughly mixed in soil to form organic manure.

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Product Related to Soil Cultivation/Rotary Tiller/Weeder/Rotary Tiller/Rotavator {Tractor Operated}
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• Heavy PTO Shaft
• Rotavator Body 5mm
• Body Lenagth 2362mm
• Top Tank 10mm
• Side Gear 20-35-28
• Double Desk
• Best Quality Boron Steel Blades
• Specially designed heavy duty gear box
• All bolts are high tensile steel with nylock nuts
• Gear Drive for smooth drive & long life
• Adjustable mounting brackets
• Automatic spring loaded adjustable trailing board
• Speed bearing prevents moisture/mud entry
• Powder Coating for better finishing and long life


• Rotavator prepares every type of soil – dry & wet
• Quick preparation of soil for sowing purpose
• Expenditure saving to the tune of approx. 35% & time saving to the tune of approx. 60%
• Stubbles & residue of pervious crop is chopped into pieces and thoroughly mixed in soil to form organic manure
• Rotavator is extremely helpful in Wheat, Paddy, Sugarcane, Banana, Cotton and Vegetable cultivation

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