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Advantages: - Durable and Long Lasting - Easily operated, low load on tractor during operation. - Machine suitable for threshing of wheat, barley, mustered, millet, gram, soya been and pulses etc. - Saving fuel & time. - Extra clarity of grain. - Cutting fodder uniformly. - 35% more efficient than other company machines. - More production in less time.

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Product Related to Threshing/Thresher/Basket Thresher
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  • The threshing unit contains four sharp cutting blades with spike tooth and bolts cylinderand .The crop is cut in to small pieces & rubs against the concave which give superior separating performance.
  • Two aspirators blowers are attached to threshing unit, which separates small pieces of crops residue from the seed.
  • Further a shaking & bagging unit are used to collect the seeds
  • The unit is supplied with belts & pulleys to achieve variable cylinder speed, but the speed of blower can change according to requirement
  • It also consists of elevator for loading seeds to trolley, pneumatic transport wheel & single hitch system.
  • Machine has a rugged and dependable gearbox for a longer-lasting life.
  • Machine tasted and approved by qualified & experienced engineers.

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